Protein-Protein Docking

CAPRI Critical Assessment of PRedicted Interactions

ClusPro Camacho's Protein-Protein Docking Server

ZDOCK Weng's Protein-Protein Docking Server

PatchDock Nussinov and Wolfson's Protein-Protein Docking Server

Protein-Protein Interfaces

PPI_Pred Predict Protein-Protein Interfaces using an SVM

ProMate Predict Protein-Protein Interfaces

Optimal Docking Areas Predict Protein-Protein Interfaces using Desolvation

AlanineScan Computational alanine scanning

ASEdb Alanine Scanning Data Base

PP Calculate all sorts of Data for Protein-Protein Interfaces

Protein-Protein Interactions

Interprets Interaction Prediction via Homology Modelling to Tertiary Structure

IPPRED Decide if Two Proteins Interact by Serching for Homologues that Do Interact

ConSurf Identify Evolutionary Conserved Regions of Protein Surfaces

Evolutionary Trace Cambridges' ET server

Sidechain atlas Shows all Sidechain-Sidechain Interaction Statistics Across Protein-Protein Interfaces

SPIN_PP A database of protein-protein interactions

JCB's PPI Site The Jena Centre for Bioinformatics' Protein-Protein Interaction site

AGT-SDP Automatically Generated Test-Sets Database for Protein-Protien Docking

Structure Prediction

Swiss Model Tertiary Structure Prediction

3D-Jigsaw Tertiary Structure Prediction

JPRED Consensus secondary structure Predictions

PSIPred Secondary Structure Prediction inc homology search

GenTHREADER Fold recognition

3D-PSSM Fold Recognition

CASP Critical Assesment of techniques for protein Structure Prediction